Weekly Project (Wallet Design)


Questions asked: What do you wish to see in a new wallet that your wallet now doesn’t have?


  • Plain colors with small accents
  • Extra pocket for recepts
  • Extra hidden pocket for spare car or house key
  • No pocket for change
  • Wallet now has too many pockets
  • Wants a hiding spot for large bills
  • More durable picture slots or more durable pockets
  • More windows for I.D.’s (like one on the outside)

Design: I designed the wallet above for a male. The color of the wallet will be a very dark grey with a creme stitching for an accent color. It will all be leather except for the “windows” will be a heavy duty plastic. The back of the wallet will have a single window for a drivers license or I.D. The inside of the wallet will have two more windows for I.D.s or pictures. And along the seams there will be two hidden zippers to place keys or large bills in.


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