10 Creative Products Post #3


This is a couch that you can unzip and turn it into a sleeping bag type blanket which would be perfect because you’d always would have a blanket! http://www.lushome.com/15-unique-furniture-design-ideas-creating-cozy-home-furnishings-for-fall-and-winter decorating/124555 utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+HomeredesignKaleidoscope+(Home+Re-Design+Kaleidoscope)                                                                   ad7fa380acac4b7b7f587afb39a50171

These are tents that you can hook onto trees that hold your tent off the found while you sleep so you don’t have to sleep on the hard ground or have to worry about when it rains and your tent is sitting in puddles of water! http://silodrome.com/tentsile-tree-tents/                                                     4f8a842f87ed69caaaa637d39fe74bad

This is a sleeping pod that is like a bed and while you sleep it massages your body which would be fantastic for any designer and we should totally have these at studio. Just an idea. http://www.ippinka.com/blog/tranquility-pod-bed-that-massages-you-to-sleep/                                                          4e12eaa6b7e8f0cfe57cd2daae12d1b2

This is a mat that you can fold and make into different orientations to adjust the way you want to sleep or sit.http://www.ippinka.com/blog/tranquility-pod-bed-that-massages-you-to-sleep/ dfdbf8c42628b5cd8ce905aa5d47d1b3

This is a beanbag chair that you can unzip and turn into a fluffy mattress  which is great for storage plus it looks incredibly comfortable. http://www.designbuzz.com/top-design-concepts-for-bean-bags/attachment/14/                 018e7b9753f0c8df8217293dc1105259

Well you know when people say “it’s like sleeping on a cloud”? Well this bed is literally that. It is a bed that looks like a could and has strong magnets in it and a magnetic pad that goes under it so the bed floats. How awesome is that?!?! http://www.designlaunches.com/lifestyle/a_sleep_in_the_clouds_literally.php                 75d318ca140856f795f7b0ddf78bd923

This is a sleeping bag that looks like a shark is eating you which is a pretty cute idea for kids and I’m sure some adults like me would even want to purchase it as well. http://www.adesignerlife.net/awesome-products-37-christmas-gifts-you-didnt-know-you-wanted-until-now/                                                          b571e2012b3759d809f7832043c638b7

This is a sleeping bag for camping that allows you to unzip that legs and arms holes so you can move freely in the sleeping bag on cold mornings or days while camping. CAn’t you tell how awesome this product is just by looking at the people in the picture? http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/things-youll-totally-need-when-you-go-camping?sub=2339851_1277340#.xwzwOjEkV                                                                3c3cd712111a28e9b3bd82407bd30cea

This is a blow up mattress that fits perfectly in the back of a car. So it could be on a long road trip at night or a camping trip for those who aren’t the biggest fans of sleeping outside. http://www.epicdash.com/35-ridiculously-simple-ideas-borderline-genius/                                                                   b48be7d5e52cac63db35752b9cfb2d10

This is a sleeping bag that looks like a bear so you can fool all the bears while camping of course! But really it is just for sleeping in and looking cool. http://pregnantchicken.squarespace.com/pregnant-chicken-blog/2012/6/14/fathers-day-gift-guide-screw-the-cufflinks.html


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