Creative Product Project Post #3

bfe7b0805848e8b17ea75b0c9309596e d6b09042b4ab8631d08e9ad35c80996b 47073b27cc6518db5d3df80dee0dce1c d375b295d2df7ed3ec8509536b2fc6b4 916e75b50ebacc2961b6218ed78d1b5111041384_10205116594266784_908448324_n

So for the past week I have been very busy with multiple projects and quizzes but I have been drawing more lamps and coming up with different designs. But I have also been looking at already existing lamps as well that have the same look that I want my lamp to have. I have also looked at different geometric shapes that I want my lamp to have so I have a lot to go off for my lamp design. Above are some geometric shapes I have drawn that I found interesting and possibly want to include in my lamp. As well as some geometric lamps that I discovered while researching that have inspired some of my design choices.


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