10 Creative Products Post #8


This is a candle holder that allows you to light the candle without trying to shove your hand inside the candle holder and buying yourself. http://www.miliashop.com/en/candle-holders/1588-match-tealight-candle-holder-muuto.html


This is a staple less stapler so they are safe and save money plus you can never run out of staples and have to go buy more! http://www.reuseit.com/office-supplies/made-by-humans-made-by-humans-staple-free-stapler.htm


These are origami boat candles that can float on water. They are cute and creative. http://www.shop.candledesign.eu/?198,sailboat-balenie-6ks


This is a cutting board that you can have hold a glass and you can attach more so you can have a longer cutting board. http://www.oooms.nl/shop/


These are measuring cups that are magnetic so they stick to your fridge and you will never lose them again! www. amazon.com


This is a soap bottle that saves plastic because you just replace the bottom half and can reuse the top half. myreplenish.com


This is a shelf that you can pull down and make a hanging desk. http://www.arco.nl/en/deskbox-en.html


I seriously need one of these. But this is a simple piece of rubber that you place on your new brush and when your brush gets full of hair you just pull the rubber part up and all the hair comes out of your brush. yankodesign.com


This is a very interesting whisk I found. It doesn’t look lie any whisk I’ve ever seen and it is easier to clean and your batter doesn’t stick to it as easily as metal whisks. http://www.normann-copenhagen.com


This is a flat bike rack that you pull up when you need it and then lays flat down on the ground when not in use. http://www.symbioza.ovh.org/15.html


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