10 Creative Products Post #9


This is a key chain that not only holds on to your keys but also organizes it and keeps them from giggling around and having to fumble around with them to find the right key. https://www.thegrommet.com/keysmart?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=product-long&utm_content=keysmart-f&pp=1


This would be awesome to have had in my dorm or if it was bigger my apartment! It is a stackable fridge and each section can be someone else’s so you would never have to share your fridge room and wouldn’t have to worry about whose food is who. Not to mention it is nicely designed with the smooth edges and fun colors.  http://www.ohgizmo.com/2008/09/13/electrolux-flatshare-fridge/


This is a wrist band that you were and if you are in water and need help you can pull the wrist band and it expands into a flotation device. http://www.pinterest.com


These are just simple boxes but they are so eloquently designed and so simple and beautiful. They can be stacked next together and the color choices are so soft that they compliment the wood choice. http://www.eviegroup.com/hex.htm


These are ladles that you can leave in the pot because the hollowed circular part keeps the ladle floating in the pot. http://www.cosebellemagazine.it/2013/06/13/quando-la-scienza-ispira-il-design/


These are just simple cement pots but they are actually lamps that you can add these beautifully designed metal tops to and the tops make the lamps so much more interesting and creative and gives the lamp the pop of color it needs as well as visual aesthetics. http://www.3dotscollective.com/new-gallery-5/


This of course is an adorable tea holder that looks like a person. YOu just open the person and put the tea in and then the arms of the person rest on the outside of the cup making the person appear to be relaxing in a hot tub. https://www.vat19.com/item/mr-tea-infuser?adid=pinMrTea&pp=1


This is a chair that can be flat packed and carried around. The design of the chair is so simple and the shapes it creates makes them seem more whimsical along with the color choices. http://fab.com/product/flux-chair-pure-white-3914/


This is a fruit and vegetable slicer. You just put the desired food in the slicer and then move the white part up and down as many times as you need and then open up the slicer and pour the food out. https://www.pinterest.com


This is a super simple idea but it solves an easy problem which makes it creative to me. It is just a spray top with a juicer bottom and you stick it into a lemon or other food choice and it sprays the juice out of the actual food. https://www.pinterest.com


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