10 Creative Products Post #10


This is a really cool product that is a wireless digital clock that you can stick onto the wall or anything you want. The design is so simple and it just looks so beautiful up on the wall in the picture. http://creaturecomfortsblog.com/home/2011/8/4/black-white-clock-by-vadim-kibardin.html


This is not your average alarm clock. It is a holder that holds your phone up to look like an alarm clock and it has a hole in the back for your phone to charge as well but the cool part is that the white top is a giant snooze button so when you push it it goes to your and snoozes it for you. http://fab.com/product/iphone-snooze-alarm-clock-white-448946


This is a strainer that you can cook with and leave in the pot but it allows you to cook your food in portions. http://picturetherecipe.com/index.php/reviews-beyond-the-kitchen/more-creative-kitchen-products-that-are-borderline-genius-40-pics/


This is just a fun idea. It’s a bubble dome/ tent that you can see a outside from every spot in it. It would be awesome for a camping trip or a rainy day. http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=101110


This is a fantastic product . It is a printer that uses a pencil instead of ink! Plus it allows you to erase and mistakes instead of having to completely reprint a page. http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/02/04/printing-with-a-pencil-stub/


This is a very retro computer and of course it isn’t actually old but it has an old 60s-70s vibe but it is new. I love the design with the bright color and moveable screen as well as the typewriter key bored. http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/12/14/steampunk-pc-oh-so-retro/


This is a computer mouse that you can flatten and then just pop/fold back up to fit your hand. It is something that is easy to pack and useful as well as simply designed. http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/10/07/the-loto-surprise/


This globe is different from every globe I’ve ever seen even though it has the normal places and names every globe has. But the reason I liked it is because of the stand and the simplicity of it with the white paint and the bamboo. http://www.aplusrstore.com/product/1838/bamboo-globe


This is a circular bookshelf as you can see but it is just very different and the more books you have the more interesting it becomes and you can just grab a book from it and then lay in the middle of it and read. You can’t do that with many other bookshelves. http://www.designbuzz.com/step-in-and-roll-over-the-circular-walking-bookshelf-to-access-the-books/


This is beautifully designed packaging. It is just a simple brown bag that holds detergent but when you open the bag the extra piece you can use as a scoop to scoop out your detergent. http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/11/03/spooning-advantage/


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