10 Creative Products Post #11


I stumbled upon this table an I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures of it. It is a very interesting and simple desk that doubles as a plant holder and Iv’e never seen anything like it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/49078795@N07/7048298027/in/set-72157629747216529


These are adorable and beautifully designed toothbrushes. The color choices and the bamboo just look perfect together. http://plllus.tumblr.com


This is a clip that doubles as a scooper so when you reopen a bag of coffee grounds you can scoop i open with the clip that keeps it fresh. http://seesbysanni.blogspot.fi/search?updated-max=2013-10-10T13:30:00%2B03:00&max-results=5&start=25&by-date=false


These are cute little magnets that can do whatever you can put your mind to. THey can hold your phone up or keep your computer wires together. http://www.truffol.com


This is a very minimalist vacuum that is just fun to look at because of all it’s rounded edges and bright color choices. They remind me of candy for some reason. http://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/39744?token=iqeV8u3ULT


This is a table and bookshelf that is well designed and is just so simple and sophisticated at the same time and I’ve never seen one like this before. http://lemanoosh.com/post/62054211565/serie-tandem-edition-limitee-a-la-galerie


This is a sink and faucet that tells you if the water is hot or cold or in-between. It is kind of genius because even if you turn on the cold water the water used before could’ve been hot. http://themetapicture.com/led-faucet/


These are seats or tables or bookshelves or whatever you want them to be but they all combine together and make a table. https://www.pinterest.com


This didn’t look like a desk lamp to me in the first or second picture but it is so simple and saves space. http://www.archiproducts.com/en/news/32131/le-klint-on-show-at-stockholm-furniture-fair.html


This is one of my favorite lamps I’ve ever seen. The squares on the lamp look like they are moving but the light that sines through makes perfect lines constructing orderly shapes. http://www.dezeen.com/2011/01/10/dancing-squares-by-nendo/


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