Creative Product Project Post #5

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I have been looking at different materials to make my lamp out of that wouldn’t be as hazardous. So far I have liked the look of wood but I would have to make sure it is safe because the light is inset in the wood. But besides wood I was thinking about different kinds of plastics and non conductive metals or a glass could work because light bulbs are made of glass. Above are pictures of the 4 different types of materials listed above but I have a feeling I will go with wood.


Creative Product Project Post #4


I have finalized my ideas down to these three lamp designs. I liked the simple geometric shapes and that the lamp directs the light down to the top of the surface. I was also thinking about adding a clamp to the bottom of the lamp so you could clap it onto any surface that you would need light for. But without the clamp you would be able to move the lamp around on different sides and can shine the light whatever way you would want. I would also like the lamp to be cordless but I haven’t figured that part out yet.


10 Creative Products Post #9


This is a key chain that not only holds on to your keys but also organizes it and keeps them from giggling around and having to fumble around with them to find the right key.


This would be awesome to have had in my dorm or if it was bigger my apartment! It is a stackable fridge and each section can be someone else’s so you would never have to share your fridge room and wouldn’t have to worry about whose food is who. Not to mention it is nicely designed with the smooth edges and fun colors.


This is a wrist band that you were and if you are in water and need help you can pull the wrist band and it expands into a flotation device.


These are just simple boxes but they are so eloquently designed and so simple and beautiful. They can be stacked next together and the color choices are so soft that they compliment the wood choice.


These are ladles that you can leave in the pot because the hollowed circular part keeps the ladle floating in the pot.


These are just simple cement pots but they are actually lamps that you can add these beautifully designed metal tops to and the tops make the lamps so much more interesting and creative and gives the lamp the pop of color it needs as well as visual aesthetics.


This of course is an adorable tea holder that looks like a person. YOu just open the person and put the tea in and then the arms of the person rest on the outside of the cup making the person appear to be relaxing in a hot tub.


This is a chair that can be flat packed and carried around. The design of the chair is so simple and the shapes it creates makes them seem more whimsical along with the color choices.


This is a fruit and vegetable slicer. You just put the desired food in the slicer and then move the white part up and down as many times as you need and then open up the slicer and pour the food out.


This is a super simple idea but it solves an easy problem which makes it creative to me. It is just a spray top with a juicer bottom and you stick it into a lemon or other food choice and it sprays the juice out of the actual food.


10 Creative Products Post #8


This is a candle holder that allows you to light the candle without trying to shove your hand inside the candle holder and buying yourself.


This is a staple less stapler so they are safe and save money plus you can never run out of staples and have to go buy more!


These are origami boat candles that can float on water. They are cute and creative.,sailboat-balenie-6ks


This is a cutting board that you can have hold a glass and you can attach more so you can have a longer cutting board.


These are measuring cups that are magnetic so they stick to your fridge and you will never lose them again! www.


This is a soap bottle that saves plastic because you just replace the bottom half and can reuse the top half.


This is a shelf that you can pull down and make a hanging desk.


I seriously need one of these. But this is a simple piece of rubber that you place on your new brush and when your brush gets full of hair you just pull the rubber part up and all the hair comes out of your brush.


This is a very interesting whisk I found. It doesn’t look lie any whisk I’ve ever seen and it is easier to clean and your batter doesn’t stick to it as easily as metal whisks.


This is a flat bike rack that you pull up when you need it and then lays flat down on the ground when not in use.


Weekly Project #2 (Design a Clock)

10567329_10205233075858751_1115476358_n 11063266_10205233075938753_1203342878_nObjective: Design a clock that would map reading/using a clock hard, and make a clock that would make keeping time easier.


Difficult clock ideas:

  • No numbers
  • No hands to point to time
  • Small hands on clock
  • Hands on clock be the same size
  • Make clock randomly make noises and not specific times
  • Make numbers super small s you are unable to see the numbers
  • Make numbers on clock go original way and the hands go the opposite way
  • Make clock super small so you can’t read it

Easy clock ideas:

  • Make hands different colors
  • Make hands different thicknesses
  • Make clock expel different scents at different hours or events
  • Make clock make noises at different hours or events
  • Make clock say the hours for people with bad vision
  • Makes watch  squeeze wrist tighter at different hours or events
  • Make watch vibrate every hour to specify the hour or event for people with bad vision

Design: I designed a difficult clock that the numbers and hands are opposite making it harder to read and take awhile for the user to figure out the time. For the easy to read clock/watch I made the watch vibrate at events or hours and made the hands on it different colors and thicknesses to make it easy and fast to look at and find the time.


10 Creative Products Post #7


These are pretty much zip ties but the creative thing about them is that they are used to keep cords together and they look like leafs.


This is a honey holder that looks like a bee!


This is a toaster that toasts your toast as it glides sideways threw the toaster.


This is a USB port that looks like a house. I like it because it is simple and cute.


This is an alarm clock that rolls around your bedroom when your alarm goes off and you have to find it to turn it off which makes you get out of bed. It’s a cool and creative product but I don’t know about you but I would not want to start my day looking for an alarm clock that’s somewhere in my room.


This is a pizza cutter that looks like a bike! It’s different and fun especially for kids or young hearted adults.


This is a video camera that goes on your pets collar and it video tapes the perspective of your dog and the life of your dog.


This is a top that you screw on top of a bottle of water and it turns the bottle of water into a watering can.


This is just a super cool and creative fish tank that has multiple sections.


These are steaks that hold your towel down in the sand or in the ground and it can have an attachable drink holder.


Creative Product Project Post #3

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So for the past week I have been very busy with multiple projects and quizzes but I have been drawing more lamps and coming up with different designs. But I have also been looking at already existing lamps as well that have the same look that I want my lamp to have. I have also looked at different geometric shapes that I want my lamp to have so I have a lot to go off for my lamp design. Above are some geometric shapes I have drawn that I found interesting and possibly want to include in my lamp. As well as some geometric lamps that I discovered while researching that have inspired some of my design choices.